Service With A Smile

BuddyChubby Bunny Competition
A hallmark of a successfully hip coffee shop is a cadre of disinterested wait staff, ready to take your order without any bit of enthusiasm. Such was the case today at Canvas Gallery, a great coffee shop with a full service bar right next to Golden Gate, when the cashier was ringing me up with such apathy that it was clear she would have rather been shoveling shit into a barrel. One can only assume that Canvas does not actively recruit service zombies; rather, a side effect of its hip cachet is attracting the flair-impaired. Actually, “zombies” isn't an accurate description, really. The staff seem to be well aware that they are working and need to complete transactions with customers, yet maintain a constant air of finely-honed detachment that allows them to be too cool for this gig. I think I should apply for a job there.