What I Do

I specialize in building elegant web frontend systems that focus on the user experience rather than feature bullet points. I have over 12 years of web engineering experience within enterprise, consumer, and government environments, designing both web-scale projects as well as shrink-wrapped multi-platform solutions.


At Splunk, I led the frontend engineering team that built one of the leading solutions for big data search and analytics. Our interface gave technical staff the ability to not only explore data across all their systems, but also easily transform that data into actionable reports made of trends, aggregations, and correlations. Much of my work was operating at the intersection of our proprietary backend infrastructure, product management desires, and design team prototypes to build and deliver 8 releases of the flagship Splunk Server product.

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Del.icio.us Direc.tor

Del.icio.us direc.tor is an alternate interface for the del.icio.us social bookmarking site that was popular during the pre-Yahoo days. It presents a lighting-fast search interface to users' bookmarks, in addition to employing a novel facet-based tag navigator based on the users' own taxonomy. Built in the pre-browser extension era, it used a Javascript bookmarlet technique to deliver a near zero-install experience remixed web app. It received coverage from outlets like Techcrunch, Infoworld, and GigaOM, in addition to rave user reviews.

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Gmail Agent API

I reverse-engineered Google's Gmail client-side protocol and then wrote an open-source library that provided a consumer API to Gmail (Google had not released any API or POP access at this time.) As a companion app, I wrote the Gmail Agent, a Windows system tray message notifier. This was the first unofficial open source API abstraction layer built on top of Gmail. The Gmail protocol analysis I published for this project was subsequently cited in the seminal AJAX paper by J. J. Garrett, and covered in InfoWorld, O'Reilly Google Hacks.

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US Budget Explorer

This is a visualization of the US federal budget from the year 1984 though 2015 (projected). It provides the user with the ability to search for budget accounts by keyword and filter by year range. Budget data is rendered in a squarified treemap, organized by budget function, and sub-function. Individual account details are shown on hover. I wrote this as a contest entry for the Data Viz Challenge sponsored by Eyebeam and Google.

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