Gmail Agent API v0.6.1 Library

Johnvey.GmailAgent Namespace

Provides remote procedure services for Google's Gmail service.


GmailAdapter Represents a set of tools used to communicate with the Gmail system.
GmailCertificatePolicy Provides security certificate validation bypass services.
GmailContact Represents a Gmail address book contact.
GmailContactCollection Represents a collection of GmailContact objects.
GmailCookieFactory Provides Gmail-specific cookie generation services.
GmailSession Represents an in-use Gmail mailbox account.
GmailSessionCollection Represents a collection of GmailSession objects.
GmailThread Represents a Gmail conversation thread summary.
GmailThreadCollection Represents a collection of GmailThread objects.
Utilities A collection of auxilliary tools used to deal with Gmail data.


GmailAdapter.RefreshDelegate Represents a delegate for the Refresh method.
GmailSession.EventHandler Default EventHandler for GmailSession events.


GmailAdapter.RequestResponseType Defines the result of a Gmail request.
GmailAdapter.ThreadFetchType Defines the type of threads to retrieve.